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Granting everyone the opportunity to drive an exotic car

Xtreme Adventures is a multi-location enterprise that provides exotic car rides, tours, rentals and events in southern California and Arizona. Calling itself an exotic car theme park, it offers some of the finest cars mankind has ever produced, including Lamborghinis and Ferraris. The company provides fun and once-in-a-lifetime experiences for people of all ages.


Headed down a windy, risky road

The business lacked a user-friendly, mobile-friendly website, which greatly reduced potential conversions and hurt its bottom line. Understanding the importance of appearance, the owners wanted a new brand identity to enhance the company’s integrity and overall image. Additionally, they were only using Groupon to get customers, but since Groupon takes 40-50% of the proceeds, it wasn’t a profitable long-term marketing plan. The owners needed to turn the wheel and head the company in a better direction.

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A website optimized to get more people in the driver’s seat

Bloominari developed a brand new website concept, including a custom drop-down menu with unique images, a slideshow video for the home page, special graphics, collages and custom-made backgrounds. Our design team also built an easy-to-use online portal that allows consumers to register for an exotic car adventure.

To further assist the clients, our CEO provided them with marketing consulting services, business coaching sessions and a full-blown marketing strategy, as well as taught them how to use the back-end content management system so they can easily edit their website. We also crafted new flyers and printed marketing materials and still conduct monthly website maintenance for this customer.


Client is Xtremely happy

The owners applauded the new, fully optimized website that makes it easy for visitors to make appointments and purchases, ultimately increasing the number of monthly customers by 300%. The owners loved the idea of the pop-up offers and they had excellent conversion rates. Consumers perceived Xtreme Adventures as a much more professional company due to the redesigned website and felt confident to leave them positive reviews. Due to the new CMS and training, the clients now have complete control over their website and can edit it themselves. Their business is doing better than ever and we are so honored to have helped them reach their marketing and sales goals.

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