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Your Content, the News Feed, & Facebook’s Algorithm

Have you ever wondered why you don’t see every single post from your Facebook Friends or the Pages you’ve Liked? Or why your company’s posts aren’t seen by everyone who’s liked the page?

Social networks, by the numbers…

The average 18–49-year-old Facebook user has at least 200 Facebook friends. And, as a whole, the average Facebook user creates 90 posts per month, which works out to an average of 3 posts per day.

Facebook doesn’t use a chronological timeline, in which you see every single post from every Friend. If they did, though, perhaps we could conclude that the average user would have to sift through 600 posts per day!

In comparison, the majority of Twitter users are following less than 50 people. However, the Twitter user creates an average of 4.422 tweets per day or 132.66 tweets per month.

Twitter does use a chronological timeline. However, the math works out to be an average maximum of 221.1 posts per day, fewer than the average daily Facebook feed.

What is Facebook’s algorithm, anyway?

Facebook uses a proprietary algorithm to determine what posts show up in your News Feed. This is intended to provide a better experience for the user; after all, 600 posts per day is a lot!

The algorithm is constantly being updated; fortunately for us, Buffer is keeping track of all of the relevant changes!

What does Facebook’s algorithm love?

First, here are four key factors that make it more likely for the algorithm to show you a post: 

  • "How often you interact with the friend, Page, or public figure (like an actor or journalist) who posted"
  • "The number of likes, shares and comments a post receives from the world at large and from your friends in particular"
  • "How much you have interacted with this type of post in the past"
  • “Whether or not you and other people across Facebook are hiding or reporting a given post”

Unique, exciting content like links, videos, and images get a boost, too.

What does Facebook’s algorithm hate?

Posts are less likely to be shown in the News Feed if they’re spammy, repetitive, text-only, or hidden by multiple users. In particular, the most recent algorithm updates are intended to cut down on overly promotional posts, like:

  • "Posts that solely push people to buy a product or install an app"
  • "Posts that push people to enter promotions and sweepstakes with no real context"
  • “Posts that reuse the exact same content from ads”

Begin creating successful and visible Facebook content

It can be challenging for Facebook marketers to find that sweet spot when creating content.

Make sure you’re writing social media content that gets noticed by using language and a tone-of-voice that’s relevant to your audience.

Keep in mind whether your content is relevant to your target audience, if you have an exciting image, video, or link to accompany your content, and if it’s similar to content that’s performed well in the past.

How do you feel about Facebook’s News Feed algorithm? We’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment with your experiences marketing on Facebook and let’s chat!

Photo by Wordtracker - learn more about EdgeRank, Facebook's algorithm


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