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Three Tips For Social Media Value

It’s easy and free to get your company started on social media. After just a few minutes’ worth of set-up, you’ll have your accounts up and running! But how do you know if your social media activity is actually helping out your business?

You should spend the majority of your time running your business — not worrying whether social media is a waste of time! Put your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to work with our tips. And if you’re in the San Diego, CA area, make sure to join us for our upcoming workshop on content and social media on November 19!. 

Social media should be the first step on your customer’s journey — NOT their final destination!

It’s exceptionally gratifying to see your follower counts go up as you spend time online. Are those followers converting into paying customers, though?

Keep in mind that social media is at its most valuable when it refers prospective customers to your eCommerce website or your brick-and-mortar location.

Provide thoughtful opportunities for customers to visit your website, learn about your services, and take the next step towards converting. But make sure that these opportunities are written with your audience’s motivators and needs in mind! They’ll be more likely to click through to your site if they believe you’ll be able to provide personal value to them.

Regularly track social referrals and always aim for improvement.

Google Analytics and other tools can help you learn more about your website’s social referrals! You’ll be able to see which network refers the most traffic, which pages are being shared online, and whether they’re converting.

If you’ve been using social media for some time and aren’t seeing a lot of social referrals online or at your business, take the time to evaluate what you’re saying online. Are you writing with your target audience in mind? Does your content provide strong value or incentive? Keep track of social referrals regularly to make sure you’re always improving.

You can track social referrals at your brick-and-mortar location, too! Just ask your customers where they heard about you and make a quick note after you talk. Consider offering a special coupon or deal that’s only available on social media, too; customers who come in for that deal are probably social referrals.

Build relationships online and reward high engagers.

Bloominari Social Media Marketing San DiegoAre you receiving positive reviews and tips on Yelp or Foursquare? Do you have a few customers that always like, comment on, or reshare your posts? Great! Let’s keep the momentum going by improving that relationship between your customer and your brand.

Make sure to reply to your customers’ social media comments; a personalized message can go a long way! If you need to have a private conversation to address a concern or critique, consider using Twitter direct messages (“DMs”) or Facebook private messages. They’ll appreciate the personal touch.

Your social media followers can also help you better understand how others perceive your company and the value you offer. Ask your followers what they think about a new special, a product you’ve recently launched, or one element of your customer service. Remember to keep an open mind and respond to any comments in a timely fashion — especially if there are concerns to be addressed.

Lastly, consider a small reward (e.g., a code for discounted shipping, a bonus scoop of ice cream) for these high engagers. Maybe you have a few customers who regularly open your email newsletters and click on your links, while other customers always share your products on their walls. Reward them for their enthusiasm and help them become passionate about your company!


What’s your favorite way to measure and improve social media value? Let us know by leaving a comment or telling us in person at our content and social media workshop!


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