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5 Things To Avoid When Shopping for a Marketing Agency

Marketing agencies come in all shapes and sizes. Know how to choose the best.

A market agency is a valuable asset for your business – one that can take a lot of worries off your plate so you can focus on growing your business. It’s vital to properly vet potential agencies before selecting a partner. Stay alert while shopping for a marketing agency, and beware of these common red flags that indicate a marketing agency might not be right for your brand.

1. Online Reviews Are Bad … or Non-Existent

Marketing agencies are supposed to be experts at building and maintaining your brand, so what does it say when they can’t take care of their own? One bad review may not be a turnoff, but several should have you looking elsewhere.

Also, take a few moments to peruse their website and portfolio. If their site is not bursting with examples and testimonials, their online presence needs work. If they can’t market themselves properly, they’re going to have a hard time marketing you.

Blogs are an important form of thought leadership – if their content is lacking, they’re likely not the best fit for your brand.

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2. They’re Unwilling to Provide References

Any marketing agency website will be chock-full of client testimonials and reviews, but here’s the rub: There’s no way to tell if those are real. A quality agency will be able to provide you with a list of real customers who’ve seen results. If they’re unwilling to let you talk to current or past clients, that’s a large red flag.

3. You Can’t Meet With Your Account Manager

When you sign on with marketing agency, your account typically will be assigned to someone on the staff. It is a bad sign if you can’t meet with the person who is physically doing the work on your account. It’s becoming more commonplace for agencies to sign on a client and then outsource the job overseas for a fraction of the labor cost.

Why is this bad? Overseas workers generally have little concept of Western syntax, style, or language. If you’re able to talk to the person in charge of your account, chances are it’s in-house. If not, it’s time to look elsewhere.


4. They’re Show, Not Substance

It’s easy to hide behind industry speak and jargon without having to back it up. Some red flags to watch for: overloading with buzzwords to camouflage incompetency, circular logic, and indirect answers to questions.

By contrast, quality marketers will speak your language and make sure you know where your money is going. Even better, they’ll show a genuine interest in your company. Marketers are curious by nature and will have a passion for building your brand. If you don’t get that sense from an agency, it’s time to run in the other direction.

5. You Don’t Trust Them

Your company is your pride and joy – and the result of a lot of labor. If you get the feeling something just isn’t right, trust it. You know your company best, so you’re most qualified to know if a relationship with a vendor isn’t going to work out.

Here at Bloominari, we’re committed to your success. Talk to us about your marketing goals, and let us help you achieve them. Schedule a free consultation.





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