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Take Your eCommerce Website to the Next Level

According to a recent survey, consumers make 51% of their purchases online, a 3% increase over one year. The same survey also found that 48% of transactions were through eCommerce in 2015. If there was ever any doubt, this information proves that the future is bright for online shopping.

eCommerce is now the most popular shopping method, and it shows no signs of slowing down. If you want your business to outperform the competition, you need a polished strategy and a web platform. There are several things to consider when you take your eCommerce strategy to the next level.

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Take Advantage of Facebook

We know that online presence is crucial, but it’s even better when the platform is free. Facebook has more than 1 billion active users each month; creating an account to reach these potential customers doesn’t cost a thing. Another option with Facebook is to buy an ad campaign. Although there are costs involved with this method, the system allows you to set your budget so you have control over advertising costs.

Companies see notable ROI when they utilize Facebook advertising. Some businesses reported more than a 700% return on ad spending. The program allows your company to test out different ads and target audiences, so you can experiment with the best online strategies.

Pursue Influencer Marketing

Traditional ads are somewhat effective, but they can’t compare to testimonials and word of mouth. Customers simply trust other people more than commercials and other posts. When you tap into influencer marketing (celebrity endorsement/word of mouth), you can see double the sales of paid advertising.

Influencer marketing also spreads across different social media platforms. A single celebrity mention can generate thousands of new likes, followers, or tweets.

Renovate Your Website

Appearance is a serious aspect of eCommerce. If people don’t find your site aesthetically pleasing, they won’t stick around. What’s worse, if the navigation doesn’t make sense or the shopping system is faulty, a potential customer might abandon a purchase due to frustration.


The best sites feature beautiful images with clean, simple navigation. Take cues from big-name retailers like Apple and Nike when you choose a layout. Remember, in most cases, less is more.

Email Your Subscribers

Some business owners don’t realize how effective promotional emails can be, so they tend to neglect this method of customer interaction. According to a recent study, 44% of shoppers said they clicked on a promotional email and ended up making a purchase.

With this in mind, quality is still of utmost importance. To keep customers from opting out of your mailing list or blocking your company’s messages, avoid sending too many emails or emails that aren’t relevant to the customer. Start out with generalized messages – tell customers about your products and why they will love them. Then use purchase decisions, abandoned shopping carts, or time spent off the site to trigger more emails. When the promotional emails are helpful and enticing, they are more successful.

eCommerce is the future of business. Follow these simple steps to ensure your business evolves to meet the ever-changing needs of today’s consumer. Effectively utilizing eCommerce is your company’s first step toward success.


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