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8 Reasons to Use Marketing Automation Software for Your Small Business

This San Diego marketing agency, Bloominari, is full of die-hard fans of marketing automation software. Always reading about new technology, always researching new tactics, always tinkering with new tools. We use various technologies for (internal and external) business communication and organization because we know and believe in the benefits.

In case you don’t know what I’m talking about: Think back to the last time you filled out a contact form on a website or emailed a business and then immediately got an email confirmation about your inquiry. (Usually the email reads something like, “Thank you for contacting us. Someone will respond to your inquiry shortly.”) That instantaneous email was sent to you via automation software.

Marketing automation software is used to repeatedly perform habitual or tedious functions without error. This type of helpful technology is used for all types of routine business tasks, including lead capturing, billing and customer support.

1. We encourage our clients to work smarter, not harder

The first step is to understand the many benefits of utilizing marketing automation software for your business.

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2. More efficient

By utilizing technologies designed to help businesses, a business owner can increase profit margins and lower overhead costs. This is because marketing automation software increases productivity, saves time for the marketing and sales team members and eliminates the need for certain admin and data entry employees who were paid to do these tasks.

3. Provide better customer service

Automation software can be used to streamline communication with your customers or to build a customized shopping experience for certain fans when they’re on your website. There are many possibilities, but ultimately, automation technology gives people a better user experience.

4. Increased customer retention

Email marketing software, for example, is automation software that, when used correctly, will get a business more sales and repeat customers. Smart technology can be used to gather data about leads and customers in a CRM database to help understand them better and eventually win them over.

5. Get more leads and stay in contact with them

This is one of the most prevalent uses for marketing automation software. Usually CRM software or email marketing software provides coding for a lead capture form on a landing page. Then, when interested people fill out this lead capture form, the data goes into the CRM or email marketing software system so that they can be easily contacted in the future. A CRM database, a very sophisticated yet critical automation technology, is necessary to collect leads. Then it’s used (along with social media scheduling software, email marketing software and other software) try to turn them into customers.

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6. Increase the lifetime value of each customer

Due to the before-mentioned benefits, each customer’s lifetime value is increased. This is because automation technology improves customer service, boosts customer retention and enhances targeted communications that appeal to each person.  

7. Increase conversion rate through A/B testing

Certain marketing automation software can be used to conduct A/B testing (for email subject lines, landing pages, branding phrases, videos, you name it). This type of testing will reveal which version should receive more conversions than the other.

8. Crunch data and determine ROI on campaigns

Automation technology can gather data, build reports and it can even determine the ROI on a campaign.

There are details in software exclusively for small businesses

The small business market is huge. There are many marketing automation technology companies focused on making software for small businesses and businesses of all sizes. A lot of the software providers or resellers can tailor the software for your company’s specific needs, too.

There are endless benefits to using marketing automation software for your business. And with so many technologies out there, you can find a solution perfect for your company, no matter its size or your budget. Analyze your business’s operations, interview your employees and begin seeking out automation technologies that can perform routine tasks that waste your staff’s time.

Takeaways: Small Business Automation Tips

  • Do plenty of research on marketing automation software
    Reach out to your employees for their suggestions and opinions
  • Take advantage of demos and free trials
  • Hire employees who are comfortable with or open to technology
  • Start small and then slowly expand your automated processes
  • Encourage a modern automation and technology culture

Still have questions? Not sure where to start?

Bloominari, a San Diego marketing agency, would love to assist you!

No matter where your business is located in San Diego, California the rest of the US or Mexico, feel fre to contact us today!


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