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Three Keys of Inbound Marketing for Healthcare Professionals

“Sitting is the new smoking”, is the new catchphrase in the medical community. But just as a sedentary lifestyle is detrimental to health, a static online presence is unfavorable for healthcare professionals, especially those looking to grow the number of patients coming through their doors.  

Today´s competitive environment demands doctor´s offices, dentists, plastic surgeons and physical therapists, to adopt and adapt dynamic inbound marketing techniques traditionally used by small businesses.


Benefits of inbound marketing for health professionals

Inbound marketing can:

  1. Establish you as the “go-to” specialist on your field
  2. Get your name out to people beyond your patient´s immediate circle of friends
  3. Target specific groups which may benefit from your services
  4. Prompt potential patients to take specific actions, such as making an appointment, calling the office or  signing up for a newsletter
  5. Help retain current patients

Here are some key strategies your medical practice should be implementing now:

I.    Create a dynamic online presence.

The old static “About us”, and “What we do” website which is updated every five years, will no longer do.

Here´s what you can do to freshen up your online presence:

  • Offer content in a variety of formats: videos, slideshows, whitepapers, podcasts…
  • Diversify your channels: YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, all work really well for the healthcare industry
  • Include a Blog or News section to share updates on your specialty, hospital or your team´s achievements
  • Post compelling stories and testimonials (make sure to comply with HIPPA and FDA regulations)
  • Comment on new diagnostic tools and emerging treatments

Here´s an example of a doctor making good use of You Tube to establish his expertise



II.    Don´t  sell – engage.

An online marketing agency can expertly create Facebook ads, manage email campaigns, landing pages and work with metrics. But if the content lacks sensitivity, any campaign will backfire, hurting your professional image and discouraging potential patients.

Health related content should always:

  • Help patients find answers
  • Move them from anxiety to action
  • Be compassionate, but not condescending
  • Refrain from using overtly complicated terminology
  • Reiterate that online medical information is no substitute for one-on-one consultations

HIPAA and FDA regulations have made it hard to create content that is both engaging and compliant. That is an important reason to pick an agency experienced in marketing for the healthcare industry.

III.    Incorporate landing pages and conversion techniques

These are some ideas for landing pages (also called “Lead Magnets”), which can be modified to fit any medical specialty:

  1. “Download our free Skin Cancer Prevention Guide”
  2. “Subscribe to our newsletter and get skin rejuvenating tips every month”
  3. Feb5“Come for your free Lasik consultation. Schedule an appointment now”
  4. “Enter Our Botox Sweepstakes”
  5. “Sign In For Our IT Band Syndrome Relief Webinar”   

This Facebook post shows compassion and offers a free guide, which will act as a “lead magnet”

These tools will attract people who are interested in your topic of expertise and help establish a relationship with them.

Inbound marketing is a lead generating strategy. But the work does not end there. Leads are turned into patients through a continuous process of nurturing. It´s the ability to automatize this process and implement adjustments based on metrics that will bring your medical practice to the next level.

If you want to know in detail how inbound marketing for health centres, hospitals and clinics can increase the inflow patients and improve your professional image, call us.

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