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What is the importance of UX and UI on your website?

“User experience is everything. It always has been, but it’s undervalued and underinvested in. If you don’t know user-centered design, study it. Hire people who know it. Obsess over it. Live and breathe it. Get your whole company on board.”  –Evan Williams, Co-Founder, Twitter

When a potential customer uses your business’s website, they embark on a journey through the site. This journey should include tasks that you want the website visitor to accomplish, such as watching videos, reading certain web pages and filling out a lead capture form. Ultimately, the goal of your website is for your audience to learn certain information and then make them convert (aka: fill out a lead capture form, make a purchase, schedule an appointment or download a white paper - whatever the end goal is for your website).

The ease of which your visitors can accomplish this and other goals on the website is known as UI. The overall experience that website visitors have on your website (or app, if your business has one) is called UX. Both are different, but they are intertwined and incredibly important to the survival of your business.

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Bloominari Client: Global Immigration Partners – Immigration Lawyers

New website made it easier to find the information users were looking for


UX = user experience.

A person’s experience using a particular technological product, system or service.

UX Design Example: Good UX design on a website means that a visitor can use the website without confusion or frustration.


UI = user interface.

A critical component of UX. The space on an information device where humans and machines interact.

UI Design Example: Good UI design on a website means that a visitor can navigate the website successfully and almost-effortlessly to complete a task.

Again, to put it simply, good UX and UI design help your website visitors interact with and navigate your company website (or app) to accomplish the tasks or goals within the site. Think of this process as a “let me help you help me” mentality.

Oct13 image2DanWillis UX

If your website suffers from poor UX or UI design, it is most likely hindering conversions and losing your business money.
(This is why all marketing experts are always talking about the importance of a well-designed website.)

Successful UX and UI designs come from relevant market/target audience research, industry knowledge, problem solving capabilities, trial and error, good graphic design and adequate coding. It is a complex process that should not be rushed, overlooked, devalued or left to inexperienced designers.

Signs that your UX or UI design needs improvement:

  • High web page and website bounce rates
  • Very short web page durations
  • Low traffic on the Contact page
  • Low conversion rate
  • Not enough clicks on call-to-action buttons
  • Not as many conversions as you would like to have
  • Complaints regarding confusion on your website
  • Multiple navigation menus
  • Inconsistent website layout
  • Poor SEO
  • A website that was made more than 5 years ago without a redesign since
  • A website that was not built by a professional web designer

Website Redesigns: Before & After Examples

Don’t lose leads or customers due to your out-of-touch or out-of-date website.

MesaPhysicalTherapy website before after
Bloominari Client: Mesa Physical Therapy


Oct 13xtremeadventures website before after

Bloominari Client: Xtreme Adventures

A DIY Test:

Ask a low-level employee (or two) who lacks computer skills to use your company website to complete a couple of tasks, such as making a specific purchase, finding certain information or making a conversion. Since this employee does not go on your website for their job, this test should reveal a similar journey that your website visitors travel. Watch the employee for mistakes, confusion, backtracking and frustration. Time the employee while they perform these tasks and then time yourself completing the same tasks later on (assuming you know how to navigate your site).

Did you complete a task in half the time that it took your employee? Did the employee seem confused or frustrated by apparent road blocks on the site? This test can be very eye-opening and be sure to thank the employee(s) who assist with this test.

The experts at Bloominari can help you increase conversions.

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