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How to Put My Business on Google and Google Maps?

Ever wonder how businesses appear on Google Maps and Google Search Results?

If you’ve ever wanted to find out exactly what you need to do to add your business to Google’s local search results and maps results, we’ll teach you what you need to do. There’s no magic, special accounts or privileges, or any cost to do so! It’s totally free and anyone can do it!

An important fact to mention is that the process of adding your business to Google also creates a Google+ (Google Plus) page for your business. Google now uses Google+ pages as the main focal point of Business pages on the Google network. Your Google+ page will in fact be your Google Local listing (Now just called your Google Maps listing), which also used to be called Google Places (Now part of the Google My Business dashboard).

In fact, Google is so interested in having you add your business listing to their directory that it has now launched and entire team devoted to this task. Google is calling this new initiative “Get your Business Online” (GYBO). The GYBO team is traveling across the US giving free sessions on how to put your business on the map. But you don’t need to attend the seminar to figure it out, we’ll spell it out step-by-step for you:

Step 1: Search for Your Business

Visit the Get Your Business Online, and type in the name of your business, and verify if your business already exists or not.


Step 2: Select your Business if it Exists or Add Your Business

Existing Business: If your business appeared, click the “Edit Business” button to modify your information. If you’re already the owner of this business and you’re signed in to the Google account who owns or is allowed to manage this Google+ page, you’ll be redirected to the area to edit your page.

New Business: If your business did not appear and you’d like to add it, click the “Get Started” button. Once you do this, you’ll be redirected to sign in to Google (if you’re not already signed in). If you don’t have a Google account yet, click the “Create an Account” button to signup for a new account. It’s free!

How to Add Your Business to Google maps step 2

Step 3: Add Your Business and Full Details

If you’re business wasn’t found on Google’s Business Directory (Which includes Google Maps), you’ll be redirected to a page that will let you add your business. Look at the bottom of the search results, where it says “Add your business” or “Let me enter the full business details”.

Once the form that lets you input your business information shows up, please fill out all of your business information. Including company name, address, contact phone numbers, website, etc.

How to Add Your Business to Google maps step 3


Step 4: Confirm Your Business

Once you’re done filling out the form, press the “Continue button”, but make sure you’re checked the box that says “I am authorized to manage this business and I agree to the Terms of Service”.

How to Add Your Business to Google maps step 4


Step 5: Verify Your Business

The last step of this process is to verify that you’re a real business. Google will allow various methods of verification depending on your business. For new businesses, you’ll most likely be requested to get a verification code by mail through the use of a postcard sent to your address. Other more established businesses may be allowed to verify over the phone.

How to Add Your Business to Google maps step 5

Want more tools? Checkout Google+ Brands page for additional features on what you can do to promote your brand and business

CONGRATULATIONS, You’ve now added your business to the Google network!

This means that you’ve now added your business to Google Maps, Google+ and more! Yet, before you’ll be able to see your business in the Google search or Google Maps results, you’ll have to wait and get your business verified first.

Once you get the verification PIN, follow these instructions to get your business verified.

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