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How to Promote Your Non-Profit Online: Inbound Marketing Strategies

Now, don´t panic. Even if you don´t know what inbound marketing is, chances are your non-profit is already partaking in it. And when done right, it can be the most effective method for an NGO to enlist donors, supporters and volunteers.

Inbound marketing depends heavily on content. Thus, it adapts beautifully to the non-profit universe, where stories are compelling, moving and rich.

The following are some key elements of an effective inbound marketing campaign, and examples of NGOs that have applied them successfully:

1. Optimize Your Website to Increase Conversions

When talking about web optimization, most people think of SEO. And though that´s a very important part of inbound marketing, there is a more fundamental element to it: web design. Your non-profit´s website should boast a navigation structure that facilitates the conversion of visitors to activists.

The Oxfam webpage, at offers a prime example. It gives the visitor quick access to 3 specific ways to get involved with the organization.

  • a) Volunteer
  • b) Take action
  • c) Donate

These 3 also serve as effective CTAs (Calls to Action). They clearly state what the visitor should do, and give them an immediate way to do it.

2. Be Transparent, Not Dense.

Transparency is the touchstone of any self-respecting non-profit. Organizations which post their Form 990 online are honoring that. But the general public would rather see an info-graphic showing how their donations are put to work, than read a lengthy document. Here´s a great one from the No Kid Hungry organization:

No Kid Should go Hungry - Non-profit Infographics

Source found here.

The combination of text and graphic elements here really tells a story, and will be more effective in creating an emotional response on the audience than any fiscal document.

3. Write Blog Posts to Keep Your target Market Informed

The Doctors without Borders blog posts read like gripping pieces of journalism (a recent entry opening line: “Baghdad is not safe.”) It makes for great reading even if you are not familiar with the organization and its mission. Blogs are considered staples of inbound marketing, because of they are natural vehicles for fresh, tailored content, which creates engagement.

4. Use Social Media to Engage with Your Audience

So, you know you should be active on Facebook, twitter too. But what about LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google Plus? Well, it depends on your target demographic and goals. If you want to reach women, for example, you should be on Pinterest.

This is the case of P.Ink, a non-profit created by tattoo professionals who decided to help a mastectomy cancer victim “design” her nipples in order to mask scars. P. Ink now has 7.4 k followers on Pinterest, using it as its main channel to communicate with supporters, beneficiaries and volunteers.

Pink Non Profit Breast Cancer

Personal Link Pinterest page

There is much more to say about e-mail campaigns, social media and content, but these guidelines will give you a good feel of what your organization is –or is not, doing.

If your non-profit has tried some of these strategies with mixed results, consider using an online marketing agency to get it right. It takes a special kind of professional to understand the needs of a non-profit and tailor a campaign to them. Be sure to consult one that understands what you stand for, and cares.

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