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How to Get the Most Out of Your Virtual Marketing Assistant

Whether you are a business owner, a real estate firm, or just a cook at home – getting a virtual assistant can be a significant factor contributing to your success. From delegating traditional assistant tasks like clerical duties, marketing assistance, web designing, and many more, a virtual assistant is your one handyman designed to provide support. And not only do they offer professional help, but they also do so efficiently sitting at home and working remotely, saving you the cost of office equipment and dedicated workspace.

According to a study conducted by Tiny Pulse, 91% of these virtual assistants work better and more efficiently when remotely located. This goes on to show that virtual assistants can prove to be a great marketing asset to have when strategized accordingly.

Hence, let’s find out what designated tasks can be assigned to a virtual marketing assistant for getting the most out of them.


8 Virtual Marketing Tasks for your Virtual Marketing Assistant to do

Following are eight such tasks that a virtual marketing assistant can perform to their full capabilities to provide value to your business requirements.

1. Content management

It is highly regarded as a marketing strategy for an organization to know what type of content they put out. Content acts as a representative of the company’s outlook. And a virtual marketing assistant needs to be able to understand how it should be regulated to keep the company’s vision positive. He should be able to perform content management under a controlled budget

If your content is consistently updated and designed according to current market trends, then it automatically makes your company look good. For example, according to Forbes, many companies like Belay and Profit Factory offer flexible and remote assistance options with a choice of many significant marketing positions like regulating content and content management for more prominent corporations.

2. Social media management

Most product or service marketing these days takes place online, on various social media outlets. According to a survey conducted by Best of Budgets, the most in-demand VA skill of 2019 has been social media management. Therefore, it is profitable to hire a virtual marketing assistant that looks after maintaining your business accounts on these social media platforms.

Having an active social media presence plays a huge role in marketing. These days, customers tend to use a well-maintained Facebook page or an active Instagram profile to judge the credibility of the organization. If your company lacks behind in these marketing domains, then you should hire a virtual marketing assistant and make sure to provide clear instructions as to what needs to be done to make up for the shortcoming.

3. Tasks involving keyword research and SEO

For your business to gain visibility online, it is crucial to develop an SEO and keyword marketing strategy. A virtual marketing assistant will not only help you deduce that strategy but work efficiently to apply and maintain it. SEO and keyword searches are a rapidly evolving way for marketing. Just as Google is changing its SEO policies and upgrading the technology behind it, a virtual marketing assistant will keep track of these changes and make sure your professional needs comply with it.

For example, according to Databox, 70% of marketers say that SEO is a more effective sales driving tool than another online marketing campaign.

4. Tracking your business statistics

Tracking your business stats is crucial to managing your shortcomings as well as growth factors. It helps in understanding: 

  • What strategy has been working for your business marketing 
  • What needs to be backed out of

Tracking business stats can be a hectic task given the fact that there are so many social media platforms now that require individual attention. Marketing tactics now cannot be generalized to fit every social media outlet and require specific know-how to meet the needs. A virtual marketing assistant would prove helpful because they would understand those particular needs and apply them accordingly to track accurate growth averages and stats of each forum.

5. Keeping track of your search engine ranking

Any online business should strive to get the top search result a priority. Search engine optimization has rapidly advanced to the advantage of many companies. It is crucial to keep track of where your company website lands the position on the search result page. If your status on the result page for your current industry domain is further below, then it requires a strategy to take it up.

A virtual marketing assistant is well-versed in SEO marketing and understands what needs to be done to rank the website up on the search results page.

6. Providing customer support

Virtual assistants make up for the best customer service provider. You don’t need to hire an in-house staff member. You save costs for space you would need to provide as well as on the equipment. Instead, all you need to provide is a set of instructions that apply to how you would like your customers to be served, some basic knowledge of the company and answers to FAQs. And your VA would be good to go.

7. Formatting blogs according to marketing needs

Whether a marketing assistant is part of the in-house staff or is a part of the team virtually, they need to understand all the current marketing tactics. They need to know how crucial it is for a business to have blogs put out that follow the current marketing demands. Knowing how to adjust the blog posts, how to write them, add images, and format texts is a game-changer. All of the above is followed according to the current market demands, it can add immense value to your marketing needs being fulfilled. You can even hire a professional essay writing service UK as a virtual marketing assistant to help you out for such a task.

8. Regulating email marketing/e-newsletters

Emial Marketing and Newsletter Facts


A virtual marketing assistant should perform well when it comes to good old basic marketing tactics. Email marketing has been the go-to technique of marketing since the early days of marketing being shifted online. People, to this day, consider subscribing to newsletter and email marketing campaigns and advertisements of the brands they like. A virtual marketing assistant would help you regulate, update, and share the newsletter as well as check how the email responses are received.

Tips for your Virtual Marketing Assistant

Following are tips you can give to your virtual marketing assistant to make the most for your business:

  • Updating the tasks to delegate by keeping check of the calendar and day to day task scheduling. Your marketing assistant should first and foremost be able to exercise the job of a personal assistant. They should know your personal requirements within a professional domain and be able to work around that without compromising on the profitability of the company.
  • Allow them to keep up with current trends by researching the marketing and keeping customer responses in check. Market trends may seem to change very quickly. For example, you sell plain hoodies, but the market has moved on to premium jackets. Hence, your virtual marketing assistant should know what trend is being followed and how to cover it up within your business.
  • Ask your virtual assistant to maintain a strict protocol for managing deadlines of tasks at hand. The VA needs to understand how to prioritize tasks and see to it that what is urgently required is completed on an urgent basis.
  • Maintain a current marketing schedule by following up on projects and tasks performed. Keep in check the tasks that are completed to see what results they reap, how do they affect the company’s growth and prove beneficial for the overall company.
  • Involve other marketing outlets for your advantage by taking aid from social media platforms. Social media is a powerful tool and can easily help you sustain a successful business cycle.it is not necessary to ask your virtual marketing assistant, to stick to a single working domain. Instead, allow him to explore all possible marketing outlets and strategize their use to the company’s advantage.
  • Share the necessary information and documents with your assistant. Avoid miscommunication and sync your data online through cloud data storage.
  • Make your virtual marketing assistant feel like they are a part of your team. Appreciate their work every now and then. As well as prioritize the fact that they are working from home, so they might also have their own reasons to say back that they would prioritize over work. Therefore, never make them choose between their personal reasons and work.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, a virtual marketing assistant can prove to be a massive asset to your business. If given the correct information with the right knowledge and space to exercise it, marketing assistants can take your business to high levels of success. They can easily make your online presence felt by strategizing the right market demands for your professional benefits.

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