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Are You Measuring Your Social Media ROI?

Do you know if the time and money you’re investing into social media strategy and management is paying off?

Make sure you understand your return on investment (ROI), no matter whether you’re using social media to improve awareness of your product or increase your bottom line — or both!

Here are three ways for you to measure your social media ROI in Google Analytics.

1. Social Media Referrals to Key Landing Pages

You probably want to make sure that people are seeing your carefully-crafted landing pages. But do you know how well they’re forming on social media?

Navigate to Acquisition -> Social -> Landing Pages to see a list of all your website links that have been shared on social media. The default view will show them listed by the amount of total sessions, but if you click on Secondary Dimension and then, under Social, select Social Network, you’ll be able to see them separated out by individual network.

This is especially helpful if you shared a landing page link on multiple networks and want to compare performance. For example: Facebook visitors who arrive on your site by visiting a special landing page may have a higher average pages/session compared to Twitter visitors who arrive on the same landing page.

By the way: you’ll get bonus information under Aquisition -> Campaigns -> All Campaigns if you’re using campaign URLs when you share your landing pages on social media — especially if you’re testing different options for your social media copy. Just choose the relevant campaign to get started.

2. Social Media-Referred Conversions

Do you know how many people are filling out your contact form, downloading your whitepaper, or purchasing your products thanks to a social media referral?

Navigate to Aquisition -> Social -> Overview to see a sum of all of your social conversions — Contributed Social Conversions. Last Interaction Social Conversions is a sum of how many conversions occurred immediately after a visitor arrived at your website from social media. Your Contributed Social Conversions minus your Last Interaction social Conversions is how many visitors eventually converted after first arriving from social media.

If you are tracking multiple conversions, go to Conversions -> Goals -> Overview and select the goal you want to view at the top (the default value is All Goals). Then scroll to the bottom and select Source / Medium on the left to see the referrals for this goal. You’ll be able to see how many of those conversions were referred by LinkedIn versus Facebook, for example.

3. Social Media Users Flow

Wondering what your social media-referred visitors are doing once they get to your site? Go to Acquisition -> Social -> Users Flow to see what pages your users go to and, perhaps most importantly, where they leave your site. This information can help you improve your exit pages to reduce the likelihood of your visitors’ leaving. It can also help you understand how your audience’s interests may differ from social network to social network. Twitter visitors may behave completely differently when compared to LinkedIn visitors, for example.


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