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AgileCRM: Best CRM, Sales & Marketing Automation Software For Small Business

Have you heard of the best CRM + Sales & Marketing automation software for small businesses?

In case you haven't heard, AgileCRM is one of the best and most complete web-based CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system + business automation software that exists for entrepreneurs, family businesses, local small companies, or any organization on a tight budget who wants to keep it's monthly software costs as low as possible. 

As a small business ourselves, we've been in the constant lookout for finding the best value for our money when it comes to investing in monthly Software-as-a-service sales and marketing apps. Before we switched to AgileCRM in January of 2016, our marketing agency was using Solve360 as our main CRM + project management tool. Solve360 was great, but we knew we needed a much better CRM system that included E-mail marketing automation and more advanced tools for a modern and technology savvy company like ours. 

After months of research and testing of various CRM systems, including demos and/or trials for SharpSpring, Insightly, Zoho, PipeDrive, Salesforce, Infusionsoft, Nimble and others we decided to switch and migrate our entire CRM system from Solve360 into AgileCRM.

Our migration included hundreds of contacts, tasks, notes, and much more. To our surprise, the switch felt pretty easy, and we were up and running with our new system in no time. Well, that's a bit of a lie.... the truth is that we have an in-house team of experienced web designers and programmers, so some of the data such as notes and tasks were transferred by our programming team using the AgileCRM API. All in all, the switch took less than a week to complete, pretty nice, right?

Fact: Most small businesses are too busy to evaluate what CRM & marketing software is best for them

Let's face it, you're running your business all day, have lots of people and issues to deal with every week, and the LAST thing on your mind is what's the best CRM and E-mail marketing automation tool you should be using. Agree?

Lucky for you, at Bloominari, I'm the technology-savvy (geek) that spends countless hours a week evaluating, testing, and using all types of web-based technology tools and software. My goal is to find ways to save time in my daily sales, marketing, and overall business tasks, while also getting the best value for my money. When it comes to a CRM + sales & marketing automation, I can tell you that AgileCRM is the tool your small business needs. 

Why Small Businesses Should Use AgileCRM

  • Free to get started: For up to 10 users. Yes, amazing right?
  • An all-in-one software: Sales, marketing and now also "Helpdesk" (customer support) included.
  • Truly affordable: The paid version starts at $15/user/month (paid monthly) or $10/user/month (paid yearly). Now that's something everyone can afford! We pay $30/month for 3 users (prepaid for 1 year).
  • Best value for your money: For $0 or $10/month you're getting more than your money's worth when it comes to the standard features and supports you'll get from AgileCRM.
  • Easy to use interface: The UX/UI design of the software platform is pretty intuitive and easy to get around.
  • Integrates with hundreds of other software: It comes with 20+ native integrations (Including Google, Gmail, Quickbooks, and many others), plus the ability to integrate to hundreds more using Zapier.

Advanced Features & Support Included On All Plans

Most advanced features which are normally found only on advanced, or high-priced levels of mid-size business software (Think of InfusionSoft, Hubspot and Marketo) are included on AgileCRM on all plans, including support by phone, live chat, and a ticketing system. Now that's hard to beat!

  • Sales features: 360-degree contact view, chronological timeline of all interactions, online calendar for easy appointment scheduling, create events/meetings, track deals  (sales opportunities), upload documents, advanced reporting, click-to-call telephony integration, and lead scoring.
  • Marketing automation features: Advanced drag-and-drop designer, pop-ups, sign-up forms, e-mail marketing automation, A/B testing, E-mail tracking, social media views, contact, and campaign level analytics, SMS mobile marketing, landing page builder, web push notifications and reports.
  • Customer service features Helpdesk software for support tickets, service agreements, workflows for tickets automation, tickets labeling, canned responses, reports, live chat (launching soon) and more!

Why Your Business Probably Needs a CRM Technology or Marketing Expert

Unless you have an in-house marketer, IT specialist, and/or tech-savvy expert, chances are you probably won't have a clue how to get started with a new CRM, sales, and marketing automation system. So instead of wasting hours trying to figure it out, or watching training videos, invest in hiring an expert who can help you save time and money. Remember, your time is VERY valuable, so don't spend it doing things you're not good at, as that's a bad ROI of your time.

A few things a CRM expert can do for you:

  • Import all of your contacts from another CRM system, Excel file or CSV file.
  • Tag all of your contacts, to easily help you filter and find the contacts you want.
  • Create contacts lists based on tags.
  • Setup and sync your CRM contacts with your Gmail or Office 365 contacts.
  • Setup and sync your calendar with your CRM calendar.
  • Create sales and marketing automation campaigns.
  • Setup your E-mail signature.
  • Setup and customize your online appointments scheduling tool.
  • Link your domain URL with your CRM, so emails appear to be truly coming from you (to avoid the Spam folder)
  • Create e-mail templates you can easily reuse in your daily sales and marketing tasks.
  • Install web tracking code on your website.
  • Setup your lead scoring rules.
  • Create custom automation workflows using Zapier.
  • Customize your deals/opportunities pipeline.
  • Help you generate reports.
  • Much much more!

 We're the First AgileCRM Partner Expert Agency!

AgileCRM's partnership program was just re-launched 6 weeks ago (as of this writing), and there's not a single certified, official or approved partner - but soon Bloominari will be the first. For now, we'll declare ourselves the first unofficial AgileCRM partner in the United States. Located in San Diego, California, we seek to be the go-to digital marketing agency dedicated to helping small and medium businesses with the setup, development, integration, and training of AgileCRM's software.

This is how we show our expertise in the topic of sale and marketing automation and the use of AgileCRM:

  • Presented two in-person 3-hour workshops at SCORE San Diego workshops on the topic of Business Automation: 12 ways to save time in your sales and marketing tasks.
  • Presented an in-person marketing workshop in Spanish in Tijuana, Mexico on the same topic.
  • Published over 18 video blogs on the topic of marketing automation through our #MarketingFridays series, featuring AgileCRM on most of them.
  • Written multiple blog posts on the topic of marketing automation.

Ready to get started with AgileCRM?

Contact Us to set up a call to discuss your specific sales and marketing technology needs.

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