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5 Ways to Grow your Business by Targeting the Hispanic Population

If you have been paying any attention to current demographic trends, you know that Hispanics will make up 30% of the population by 2050. Other astounding facts: In 2010 they represented one trillion dollars in buying power. The figure will rise to $1.5 trillion in 2016- a 50% increase in five years.

This presents a huge opportunity to small businesses trying to grow sales. But implementing a marketing campaign aimed at Hispanics is tricky.

Here are a couple of pointers to consider:

1. It's not just the language.

Creating a campaign for Latino customers entails much more than just translating content into Spanish. In order to connect with this audience you should speak the language and the culture. The Hispanic demographic is more complex and diverse than its mainstream media portrait. It´s made out of people with different degrees of acculturation and language command.

Some individuals are totally bilingual, and thus, consume content on English and Spanish; some others are just barely proficient in either. To maximize results, marketers should go beyond the language and find cultural elements the audience identifies with.

2. Laugh with them -not at them the.

Hispanics are arguably more willing to laugh at themselves than other minority groups. That does not mean that they will not resent tired stereotypes and media misrepresentation. Needless to say, such clumsiness will kill your opportunities to court a Latino clientele. But the right kind of humor will make wonders to connect with this audience. Examples of well-implemented humor include references to endearing cultural qualities, bilingual word play, and commentary on the experience of being Latino in the U.S.

This Facebook post from the immensely popular “Being Latino” platform gets humor right, as attested by its thousands of reproductions and hundreds of shares.

5 ways to grow business latin market. San Diego Marketing and design agency

3. Your client is not Sofia Vergara.

It´s her son. Latina moms have largely been targeted by businesses because of their sheer decision making power. But there is a fiercer force working its way into the consumer market. That of the Hispenials - Hispanic Millennial. Hispanics today make up to 21% of the Millennial market. Moreover, the Hispanic population as a whole is younger than the rest of the population in the U.S. So if you’re trying to get it on with a young demographic, Hispanics may very well be your tipping point.

4. They are online… and so should you.

If you are serious about selling to the Hispanic market, you should know where to find them, and that would be online. Hispanics are early adopters of technology, as compared to the general population. Gadgets and smart devices are important status symbols, notwithstanding income.

And they love video. U.S. Hispanics watch 8 hours of video on digital devices a month. That would be 90 minutes more than the average American, according to a 2014 Neilsen Report. Other studies have shown that 43% of them stream mobile video and 36% download mobile video each week, as opposed to 25% and 17% for non-Hispanics. What this means for your business is that online marketing will be more important than ever, including the use of social media videos and YouTube.

The “Juego Bonito” Dish Network bilingual ad in 2014, garnered 100 million impressions in two days. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O2IcypK2ZJI

5 ways to grow business latin market. San Diego design company small businesses

5. They hunger for quality content.

A study by Neilsen found that 60% of Spanish-speaking U.S. Hispanic are dissatisfied with the availability of Spanish digital content, and Google states that 56% of Hispanics who are not routinely online state “lack of content in Spanish” as the reason. This presents a huge opportunity for marketers willing to try content strategies in Spanish.

Do not let your business fall behind because “No habla español”.

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