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4 Key Benefits of Instagram

Instagram is right for any kind of business either large or small. Many business owners may be a little skeptical about it but let me explain why it is more than just visual content. Instagram has generated more than 300 million active users, has an average number of 70 million photos posted daily, and has caught the attention of both large and small businesses.

Let’s take a look at our 4 key benefits.

1. Connecting with audience/customers

Having an active account with useful and interesting content can create a large amount of engagement. In fact, one report from Forrester Research found that Instagram generates 120 times more engagement per follower than twitter. You are able to see what your key audience is interested in and engage with them on a daily basis. With a strategic way of using hashtags and visual content you can reach anybody, but make sure to make it interesting. You can get feedback, build relationships through conversation, and connect with customers. You can share a new product, a small video, a day at the office, an upcoming sale, anything you would like to see if you were the customer. Engagement is key!

2. High Visibility of Posts

Instagram is great for posting because you don’t have to worry about being in the back of the line. You may post at any time you want and all of your followers will be able to see your posts. There’s no such thing as an algorithm that selectively showcases your posts. All of your posts will always be on your profile, from one to thousands of posts you may have, everything will always be there. They don’t disappear like old tweets. This is great for new followers because they get to see your older posts and in a way have customers identify themselves with the type of posts you as a business are posting. Like I said, followers want to connect with your brand!

3. Hashtags

I already talked a little about hashtags but let me tell you why they are so important. It’s not about just writing out random words but using keywords that identify you as a business. Instagram makes it easy to discover new photos and people. When someone includes a hashtag on their post it creates an automatic link to all of the photos that have been shared using that hashtag. Want to stand out from all of those posts ? Check out some of the pictures other users are posting using that hashtag and post something different!

4. Free advertising

The advantages of free advertising is that you don’t get left behind by those who are paying to be on top of the list. Anybody who posts gets their chance of being seen. You can showcase your products and services in pictures or videos and it generates huge exposure. It gives you an advantage of showing off more of what you can offer and in a way make your customers see what type of business you are. In a way it helps build your customers’ trust!

Lastly one small tip, be creative! Don’t just post your menu with costs, or plain pictures of your products. Explore and be creative with what you post. Don’t just sell your product, let your images speak for themselves and do more than just the ‘buy now’ type of caption. Last thing, I promise, don’t forget to have fun!

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