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3 Undeniable Reasons Why Your Business Should Have A Blog

Everyone has a blog it seems like these days

Why is that?

Once upon a time blogs were reserved for your stay-at-home moms looking to share their favorite lasagna recipes. Now, every business—no matter what market or industry they operate in—is making a blog the focal point of their online marketing strategy.

Today the internet is overflowing with the benefits to your brand of having a blog, but I’ve broken those down into the 3 most undeniable, all-encompassing reasons why your business should have a blog:

1. Search Engine Optimization

We’ve all heard of the infamously complex algorithms search engines like Google and Bing use to filter their results. While they many seem like some foreign language impossible to comprehend, boiled down they’re actually quite straight forward: search engines love new content.

To their robot eyes the more pages, the more words you are adding to your site, the more active and relevant you site is. Search results will rank a website with steadily new content higher than a website that hasn’t changed much since its inception.

Blog posts are exactly that: fresh, new content.

When you blog on a consistent basis, you are giving search engines lots of juicy, new content to swallow up and index. They will love you (and your website) for it, and reward you by ranking you higher in their search results.

2 Reach New Prospects & Win More Customers

When you blog about a variety of topics all relevant to your business or market, you are casting a wide, wide net to catch new potential customers.

How so? Whenever someone searches for a particular topic you’ve written about, your post—which is on your website—will land in the search results. They many not have searched for you by name or for the services you advertise on your website, but none the less your site still pops up in the search results.

And once someone is on your blog, the rest of your content is only a click away. If they found what you’ve written to be exciting, interesting or informative, you better believe they’ll snoop around a little to see what else you’ve got.

This is just one more prospect you’ve earned that you didn’t need to spend a penny in advertising for. That’s a good bargain any day of the week. And again, the longer you blog for and the more posts you have, the higher your page will rank in those search results.

3 Establish yourself as a leader in your industry

No matter how big or small your business may actually be, you can build trust and look like an established authority all by providing valuable information on your blog.

And you are an authority! You know a lot about the industry you work it. A lot more than your Average Joe that’s for sure. People pay you for your knowledge after all.

Your blog is where you share that knowledge. You don’t need to type up pages of advanced information worthy of a college textbook. A little goes a long way. Just be sure to vary up the topics a bit all the while keeping them relevant to your business and market so you can cast that wide net we talked about in reason #2.

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