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3 Things You Didn’t Know Marketing Automation Could Do for You

Driving Business Results Without Effort

To many small business owners, the concept of marketing automation is nothing new. Integrating marketing and sales tools into your CRM can help you streamline your business and take repetitive tasks off your plate. However, there are also several unexpected benefits to utilizing this technology. Here are several business advantages you may gain by automating some processes:

1. More Time to Develop Other Aspects of Your Business

You might be surprised how much time you waste tending to your marketing efforts – sending emails, lead scoring, and taking care of repetitive tasks. When you use marketing automation, technology handles these tasks for you. Instead, you can focus on what drove you to pursue a career as an entrepreneur in the first place. Apply your skill and experience to development and making your business grow. Create content, establish thought leadership, and launch a new product or service – it’s all possible with marketing automation.

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2. Positive Effect on Company Culture

Marketing automation, by its very nature, encourages collaboration. By incorporating marketing tasks into your CRM, you’re joining your sales, marketing, and technical support teams together. It’s an effective way to pool your company resources and get your employees working toward a common goal. 

When different teams work together on the same software, they begin to understand how their work fits into the larger scope of your business. They also gain valuable insight to how their actions impact other departments, and vice versa. This creates a collaborative company culture, which will blend into your business as a whole.

3. Seamless Communication Between Channels

Managing leads across multiple channels can be frustrating. When we try to pursue multiple channels at once, we risk a low conversion rate and a lot of extra stress. At the worst, we lose prospects to the competition.

Marketing automation takes the pressure off and allows you to effectively pursue leads across multiple channels. Rather than spreading yourself too thin, automation eliminates the repetitive tasks so you can pursue leads organically and aggressively. Think of it as a safety net that keeps valuable prospects from slipping through your fingers.

The “omni-channel” method of marketing might seem daunting, but automation makes it possible. For example, you can store all your lead data in one central location, and run analytics to see which are most effective. Modern customers are both fickle and elusive, and automation keeps you one step ahead.

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4. Identify Gaps in Customer Experience

Lastly, automation will help you identify where you can better serve customers. By tracking every aspect of your business, you can determine where your marketing efforts aren’t performing as they should. Analytics and tracking will expose gaps and bottlenecks in your customer service you may not have known existed. Leverage your data to improve your customer experience and sales.

Marketing automation has more benefits than you might realize. By eliminating certain tasks, you have more time to dedicate to improving your customer experience and growing your business. If you’re on the fence about using it, consider these benefits in your decision making process.

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