Passionate. Creative. Professional.

We're a small team providing small businesses with solutions to their marketing and design needs. 

Jaime Nacach 

Jaime Nacach - Marketing and Business Development Strategist / Managing Director Founder & Marketing Strategist

Jaime is an individual with international experience in entrepreneurship, business development, marketing, sales, and web/graphic design. His background in management of information systems combined with his work experience as a marketing and sales director, business development manager, and web/graphic designer have provided him with extensive knowledge about what it takes to take a business forward. Among many things, this included building lasting customer relationships, offering excellent customer service, developing new products and marketing them efficiently, and by using technology to automate and improve processes (saving time and money).

Recognized as a leader who is creative, energetic, ambitious, self-motivated, and has a well-developed strategic thinking style.  He's passionate about finding creative ways to make businesses more efficient and productive, preferably by integrating technology or optimizing processes; as well as by interacting with people, whether it’s selling to customers, developing partner relationships, or leading and training staff; and by continuously looking for new improvement strategies and approaches.

Cinthya Lara

Cinthya Lara - Marketing AssistantDigital Marketing Assistant

Cinthya has a bachelor's degree in Marketing with a major in Advertising, she loves marketing as much as she loves writing and creating. She has experience in several fields of marketing including digital marketing and SEO. While working at Bloominari, she has learned a lot of new skills within a short period of time, and has gained new skills that allowed her to adapt fast to how we create and organize our internal marketing projects, as well as how we manage client projects.

Cinthya helps with managing Bloommiari's blog and promoting our company's brand image on social media. She is also involved in finding new ways and strategies to connect with more clients in order to help our company grow.

In her spare time, she loves to enjoy the little things in life, such as spending time with her family, playing with her little dog, listening to good music and traveling to new and old places.

Vivi Czukerberg

Vivi Czukerberg- Lead Graphic Designer Graphic Designer

Vivi is all about being creative and thinking totally outside the box. She's takes our design thinking methodology to the next step, by collaborating in every aspect of the projects we manage. Her artistic style is very modern, minimalistic yet very colorful. Vivi studied graphic design in Mexico City and has over 10 years of experience working with American and Mexican companies.

She designs all of our branding and marketing materials; including logos, flyers, brochures, postcards, menus, booklets, catalogues, posters, business cards and much more. Take a look at our extensive portfolio to appreciate the creative eye that she's able to implement in all the work she designs. 

Not only is she a great and creative designer, she's also very creative when it comes to cooking, decorating her house, planning events, and pretty much any challenge she takes on.

Karen Cohen

Karen Cohen - Graphic Designer @ Bloominari.comGraphic Designer

Karen is a young creative graphic designer, with a unique modern and minimalist design style. She earned her degree from México's Universidad Iberoamericana.

She considers herself a creative and witty person, and enjoys her line of work because it constantly offers new projects. Each project presents her with a new challenge to be creative, use a new point of view, and always be on the lookout for learning new things. Although she knows how to work with various design styles, she prefers a more minimalist and clean design style.

Karen is very interested in interior decoration and architecture, as they are trends that go hand in hand with her creative self. She loves seeing the transformation of spaces and see the many different ways in which they can be designed. In her free time Karen enjoys listening to music, dancing and photography.

James A.

James A - Web designer Joomla and WordpressWeb Designer - Joomla & Wordpress

James is an expert web and graphic designer who has extensive knowledge in building lasting customer relationships. He distinguishes himself by being highly creative and customer oriented in applying new technology processes towards making automated improvements that bring proficient and saving-oriented result to our clients.

His eight years of experience in creating new graphic/web designs include the development of more than three hundred successful websites. He's main focus is making sure all of our clients are completely satisfied. 


Amanda Strouse

Amanda Strouse - Bloominari social media marketing strategistSocial Media Marketing Strategist

Amanda breathes and bleeds writing and social media. While in college at San Diego State University, she decided to turn her leisurely love affair into a multi-faceted career and, ever since, has been helping business owners increase leads by using a variety of inbound and outbound marketing. She has used several social media platforms since their conception and has ten years of professional writing experience, including three years of experience as an editor.

As the Bloominari social media manager, she maintains Bloominari's brand image as a marketing and design expert for small businesses, as well as helps drive traffic to the website and blog. She also writes Bloominari blog posts, guest blog posts, lead magnet pdfs and is proud to be one of Bloominari’s social media marketing associates. She enjoys helping Bloominari clients build brand awareness on social media, create ppc campaigns, engage with the client’s target audience and enhance the client’s image as an industry expert. Her recipe for effective social media marketing is one part fun, two parts hard work and one part persistence.

In her spare time, Amanda enjoys creative writing, volunteering, going to the beach, visiting new places, watching movies and relaxing with her dogs.

Donna Ilicic

Donna Ilicic - Sales & Marketing Sales & Marketing

Donna has vast experience in Sales & Marketing, helping hundreds of San Diego business owners drive more business through their doors. Starting out in 1993 with a San Diego Dining Guide for visitors, Donna now has over 21 years of experience.

She has been instrumental in creating Win-Win fundraising campaigns, "Keep it Local" community programs and has been instrumental in the creation of the San Diego Restaurant Gift Card which launched July 2007 and is found in all the Costco’s in San Diego County featuring over 150 restaurants.

Strongly believing that "Customers are the Foundation of any Business" she has also helped many businesses develop a customer database with the help of Reward and Loyalty Programs along with an automated and track able Word-of-Mouth Marketing.

Throughout the years she has also dabbled in Catering and Banquets for a prominent San Diego restaurant and club bringing in business groups to increase revenue. Donna has also contributed her knowledge and sat on the board of directors for many other tourist based magazines throughout the years.

Erick Magana

Erick Magana - Videographer @ Bloominari.comVideographer 

Erick is a very talented videographer from Los Angeles, California. Now living in San Diego, Erick has had the pleasure to have worked with high level entrepreneurs and businesses. Creating videos that tell a compelling story is his passion, his vision makes the difference and his bright personality creates a comfortable experience for working with him.

Creating visually captivating, pragmatically timed video and films are what Erick excels at. Combing his various experience in the field and post production, Erick can run a small crew to create a high quality final product. He loves taking an idea from concept to completion, and telling the right story for the right client.